I’m Marco Perez and I’m running for Hamilton County School Board, District 2.

"Our most important priority as a community is the education of our children and preparing them for future challenges. Hamilton County educates more than 44,000 of our children each year, and we need to work toward having the best schools in the state so that every student can have an opportunity for a great education regardless of where they live."

"I understand the rigor of the profession of teachers, as I have seen first hand the demand for teacher accreditation and development. I have always understood how my own personal development has been due to the high quality of teachers that shaped me in public school. I have seen how effective public school teachers can be in the lives of my own children."

Marco's Platform


Enhancing extracurricular activities.

Enhancing educational options.

Making resources available for students to practice and embrace learning at home.

  • Strengthen early intervention programs to support children from the beginning of their educational development.

  • Provide support staff to enhance the learning of the students of our district.

  • Expand Future Ready Institutes so that students have more options close to where they live. 

  • Expand Magnet School availability.

  • Ensure technology availability to create more opportunity for every student

  • Provide arts opportunities for all of our students.

  • Ensure that students have access to extracurricular sports.

Supporting teachers for they are the foundation of our schools.

  • We need to promote the value to teachers publicly.

  • We need to treat teachers as the professionals that they are.

Creating a District that retains and attracts top teachers.

  • Computers and books should be made available for students to practice and continue learning, and have opportunities from home.

Providing an environment that is safe and conducive to learning for every student.

  • Each phase of the MGT report must be carefully analyzed to make sure to maximize taxpayer dollars.
    Schools need to forecast needs in the future in order to prepare for them today.

  • We must prepare for the permanent changes that the current pandemic will bring to education.

Adapting policies and procedures allowing for consistency in every school so as to not affect students disproportionately.

  • Bullying must be addressed and reduced to ensure that the educational environment is supportive to all students.

  • We need to create safe communication channels for teachers’ voices to be respected.

  • We need to intentionally recruit teachers from the top educational programs focused on our specific needs.

  • We need to provide quality development opportunities that encourage teacher’s continuous growth.

Making safety a priority in the midst of changing demands.

  • From the moment our students get on a bus to the moment they return, we must ensure their safety from any external or internal potential harm.

  • It will be essential to protect the integrity of public schools in the recovery and aftermath of the pandemic ensuring the proper sanitary measures are taken to protect their health.




As a parent of students in the public system I consider this to be a personal concern. I want to be sure that my children as well as all children are safe and can take maximum advantage of the learning environment."


       arco graduated from a public school and went on to earn a BS in Bible from Columbia International University, a MA in Ministry Leadership from Crown College, and a MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

He and his wife, Leah have been married for 23 years. Marco is the proud father of 3 daughters. His oldest, a 2019 graduate of SMMHS, now attends Princeton University. Marco’s middle daughter is on track for a 2021 high school graduation, while his youngest is starting high school. Both attend Hamilton County Schools.

Marco has also served as the Director of Operations and Finance for The Chalmers Center at Covenant College and the VP of Operations at LAUNCH CHA before returning to consultant work. He is the owner of ReLife Strategies where he spends his time helping businesses and organizations find finance and operational efficiencies. He is also a partner in TrailDrops, an outdoor food service business.

Marco has dedicated his life to servant leadership. Working with nonprofits, businesses and serving on various boards in the community, including the boards of the Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise and La Paz Chattanooga as Treasurer and later Chair. In these roles Marco had direct oversight of the finances to ensure the proper use of funds, to project the future financial needs of the organization and to help define annual budgets in order to achieve the mission. Marco’s role required that he work closely with the Executive Director of each organization in developing the strategy and  securing and reviewing funding opportunities. Marco was a member of the Mayor’s Minority Business Taskforce and was a key participant in bringing funding opportunities such as Kiva Loans and other community loan products for small businesses.


Marco is a member of Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church.


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Marco Perez for HC School Board District 2

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